Dr Teo Master Series – Customer Service Management

Why is Great Customer Service More Important Than Ever?

In the past, an organization was expected to provide a product or service to the customer, and then that transaction was done — the activity was done to the customer. The customer was more or less at the mercy of the organization.

Today, that is changing dramatically. Customers have a much wider range of organizations, products, and services to choose from, and they can access them instantly. Customers can also access numerous sources of useful opinions or reviews about the product or service even before they buy them, through the “liberation” of social media. This has greatly enhanced the communication between Buyers and sellers of services from a company, this comes with the increase in scrutiny of the company’s offerings.

Thus, it is more important than ever that organizations remain very good at attracting, satisfying and retaining customers. Customer service has moved beyond being merely transactional to being highly relational. Customer Service Management undoubtedly will be a key component in FM Industry

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This webinar is part of a Master Series in collaboration with Dr. Teo Ho Pin, (Former Mayor, Northwest District, Former Member of Parliament, Bukit Panjang Constituenc